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We can brag about ourselves as much as we like, but we prefer to let the numbers talk.

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Decrease in CPA


Endurance were able to create high intent remarketing audiences and reduce CPA across multiple brands

“Fixel is by far the best plug-and-play method of building high-quality audiences”

Rafael Gomez

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Endurance Brands


Decrease in


Appsflyer were able to focus on high value visitors for retargeting and lookalike campaigns

“Using Fixel we cut our lead cost by 50%"

Itay Waisman

Online Marketing Manager


Increase in ROAS

3 scaled their always-on campaigns beyond cart abandonment audiences

“Fixel automates my work, allowing me to focus on what’s important”

Igor Zvagelsky

ROI Escalator, CEO


Increase in ROAS


Wolvestuff achieved a 12X increase in ROAS to mid-funnel visitors

"Fixel has enabled us to identify and target with surgical accuracy, highly engaged audiences that we were unable to effectively reach in the past"

Or Cohen

VP E-Commerce, Ortal Digital


Increase in ROAS


Nolah automated and improved both Remarketing and Lookalike campaigns.

"Our Fixel retargeting audiences consistently perform at 10x ROAS"

Daniel Galle

Co-founder of Nolah Mattresses


Increase in Calls & Leads


With Fixel, Ono Academic College creatively & efficiently overcame the new Facebook limitations.

"Using Fixel we could easily optimize our media efforts"

Yishai Katz Schonfeld

CMO, Ono Academic College



Decrease in CPA


Blush and Bar used Fixel to create 1% lookalike audiences based on product viewed and engagement level

“Fixel lookalikes performed and scaled beyond my expectations”

John Chen

Blush and Bar, Founder


Increase in Sales


Using Facebook’s audience overlap tool, GaiaStock found that Fixel increased the quality of their audience by 180%

“Using Fixel we crushed our monthly targets without breaking a sweat”

Noam Sinansky

Gaia Stock, Owner


Increase in Conversion


Lawgeex used Fixel to generate audiences based on website engagement levels and targeted their most engaged audiences

“With Fixel, remarketing became a viable, lucrative option for us”

Aron Skversky

Director of Acquisition, Lawgeex

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