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Use Cases

Israeli pharmacy chain Superpharm, increased conversions by 506%

Superpharm, the CVS of Israel, is a major pharmaceutical company whose name is synonymous with a pharmacy. Before using Fixel, Superpharm’s remarketing campaigns targeted everyone who visited their website, leading to resources being wasted on visitors without purchase intent. Superpharm used Fixel to stop wasting money on window shoppers, by finding and excluding unengaged users from their remarketing campaigns. The result was a 506% increase in conversions.

Dynamic remarketing

Online retailer,, increased their revenue X3 by using Fixel to target highly engaged users is one of the leading luxury online  watch retailers in the world. Like many e-commerce businesses, they targeted their remarketing campaigns at visitors who abandoned their cart with great results, but failed to scale beyond that point with acceptable ROAS. Using Fixel, was able to target their remarketing campaigns towards the most engaged users who hadn’t added a product to their cart, successfully increasing revenue by X3.



American jewelry retailer, Blush and Bar, reduced CPA by 31% & increased ROAS by 50% for lookalikes using Fixel’s highly engaged audience

Blush and Bar created 1% lookalike audiences based on the visitors who completed a purchase on the site, generating superior results. With Fixel, Blush and Bar created 1% lookalike audiences from highly engaged users who viewed a specific product page. Compared to their purchase audiences, Fixel audiences generated 50% more return on AD spend and delivered a 31% lower cost per action.

Media Buying

Media Buying

Ono Academic College removed media budget waste by 50%

Ono academic college used Fixel’s engagement score to identify underperforming low volume keywords and exclude them from their Google Campaigns, resulting in a drastic drop in expenses