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Not all your website visitors are equal.

Some are worth more than others.

Fixel is a fully automated segmentation tool that ranks your website audience based on their level of engagement.

Our platform learns how users interact with your site, and by applying advanced machine learning algorithms, we highlight only those visitors that matter most.



Low engagement

Low engagement

Medium engagement

Medium engagement

High engagement

High engagement

30 Days. No credit card required

Make your data work for you

No more creating and testing of manual segments.

Scrolling? Time on page? Form engagement?
We’ve got you covered with over 60 different engagement signals.

And since our machine learning algorithm is always working in the background, it also creates advanced segments from multiple signals as well as updating these on the fly.

Data Scientist Accuracy

At a fraction of the price

Actionable Insights

No fluff

One line install


How it works

Fixel analyzes dozens of parameters of user interaction within your website,
in real-time. It then enables you to segment your users based on their level of engagement: Basic, Medium or High.

The bottom line

Sit back and let the magic happen

We will segment your website traffic. You will choose what to do with it.

Hover over the boxes to see audience segment ideas you can benefit from.

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Clean out the junk

Filter non-relevant traffic from your remarketing campaigns. Most marketers report that 30-50% of the website traffic they get is irrelevant. With our help, you will know which ones are relevant.

Crème de la Crème

Reach only the top percentile of the audience on your website. We will identify the most engaged users on your site and will enable you to advertise only to them.

Grow your audience smartly

Create better similar/lookalike audiences. Instead of building audiences from all users – generate your audience from the most engaged ones.

And any other audience you may want to test!


Work on the platforms you love, just smarter

facebook ads
linkedin ads
twitter ads
bing ads
yahoo gemini

and many more…

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up and get your custom installation script
  2. The Fixel algorithm learns your site’s unique engagement levels
  3. Audiences are created on your favorite ad platforms

For optimal results, the platform will need to analyze at least 50,000 users on your site.

30 Days. No credit card required

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Fixel is proud to be a Techstars company (Atlanta 2018)

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