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Increasing conversions during the Coronavirus with Fixel (English) – Fixel

During times like these, with the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re seeing a dramatic increase in online user activity. The average cost per impression (CPM) will likely go down but so will the buyer’s intent.

The behavior of paid media during the Coronavirus is expected to change, and we’re here to support you and allow you to make the most of your media.

In this webinar Fixel’s CEO, Etgar Shpivak, a renowned campaign expert, will give particle tools on how you can utilize your Fixel account to improve the results of your campaigns.

The webinar will cover:

  1. A quick overview of how Fixel works
  2. How to identify the waste in your site traffic using Fixel and Google Analytics?
  3. How to identify high-quality visitors on your site?
  4. How to use Fixel for broad keywords in search?
  5. How to use Fixel for display ads?
  6. How to use Fixel to build better Lookalike seeds?
  7. How to use Fixel for native ads? (Outbrain & Taboola)

You can also download the full deck on this link