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How It Works

Install Fixel

You can get it up and running in under a minute. 

AI Modeling

Our machine learning understands how users engage with your website across 60+ data points​.

Create Audiences

Build engagement based audiences directly in your preferred platforms.

What Can you do with Fixel?


Supercharge your remarketing campaigns by focusing on engaged users with higher purchase intent


Discover new high performance audience segments by using highly engaged users to seed lookalike audiences scaled their always-on campaigns beyond cart abandonment audiences
“Fixel automates my work, allowing me to focus on what’s important”

Igor Zvagelsky

ROI Escalator, CEO

Appsflyer were able to focus on high-value visitors for retargeting and lookalike campaigns
“ Using Fixel we cut our lead cost by 50% “

Itay Waisman

Online Marketing Manager

Blush and Bar used Fixel to create 1% lookalike audiences based on product viewed and engagement level
“Fixel lookalikes performed and scaled beyond my expectations”

John Chen

Blush and Bar, Founder