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Case Studies/Watches Com

Case Study tripled their ROAS from always-on campaigns is the leading online retailer for watches from top brands. They use retargeting ads to target visitors to their website to drive them to complete their purchase. With Criteo, they were able to target effectively in Google’s Display Network (GDN) only. Using Fixel’s audience segmentation abilities, they were able to easily focus on high value visitors for retargeting campaigns, scaling their always-on campaigns effectively beyond cart abandonment audiences.


Facebook Remarketing

Test variant:
All users marked by Fixel as highly engaged users

Control group:
Users with Cart Abandonment and All site visitors

Dynamic Remarketing Ads based on Product Views


Return on Ad spend (ROAS)


All Site Visitors


Cart Abandonment


Fixel High

“ Fixel automates my work, allowing me to focus on what’s important ”

Igor Zvagelsky

ROI Escalator, CEO