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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Self Serve
plans work?

When you sign up for a Self Serve account you get 14 days of free trial (no credit card required). After 14 days of testing Fixel, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan that matches your traffic needs.

What setup am I required to do?

Installing Fixel is a breeze, simply add two lines of code to your site. Fixel automatically tracks various engagement signals and user attributes. No customization or manual setup are required.

How is my data safe?

Data collected by Fixel from the site’s visitors are not personally identifiable information (PII), meaning all data collected is completely anonymous to us. Learn more

Oh, and we’re also GDPR compliant – Learn more

Will Fixel slow down my site?

As Fixel is loaded asynchronously (only after your site has finished loading), it will not slow down your site. Learn more​