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Updates to Facebook’s AEM (June 2021) – Fixel

This week (June 14th), Facebook has started reaching out to some of its major advertisers and partners, updating that they will be relaxing some of the limitations announced earlier this year. No official update has been made to smaller advertisers yet. These limitations, called Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM), were originally introduced as a response to […]

Creating a Facebook Conversions API with Zapier and GTM – Fixel

My recent blog post on creating a Facebook Conversions API (aka CAPI) using Pipedream has been quite a success. Released on February, it’s already ranking as our 4th most popular blog post on the Fixel blog. One of the most frequent questions I get about this post is how come I didn’t choose Integromat or […]

Quick tips to optimizing ecommerce campaigns with Facebook’s AEM – Fixel

With Facebook’s Aggregated Event Management (AEM) live for over a month now, we can already start pointing out some specific tactics that have worked well for our clients and partners. In this post we will share some of our findings so that you can incorporate them in your campaigns as well. This post is highly […]

Optimizing Ad Creatives in a Post-iOS 14.5 World – Fixel

This is really an important topic to discuss because a lot of advertisers are going to be clueless once Apple normalizes its new user privacy settings in all its devices. With less data granularity for targeting and tracking, marketers, especially e-commerce marketers, need to optimize their ad creative strategy and focus on building ads that […]

Creating a simple Conversions API for your Facebook Pixel events – Fixel

One of the frequent recommendations in preparation for Apple’s PCM and their AEM, is to move all events to the Server Side (Server to Server, or S2S) using Facebook’s Conversion API (aka CAPI). This is indeed a highly recommended practice, that usually proves to increase both the count of events logged and their accuracy in […]

Everything advertisers need to know about Apple’s PCM – Fixel

Updated: February 2nd Along with the changes implemented in app advertising and tracking, Apple is looking to implement a similar mechanism that will apply to web browsers. This new standard called Private Click Measurement (PCM) was released by Apple during 2019, as part of the Privacy by default design for Safari. “Safari now includes the […]

A suggested framework for using Facebook Pixel events with iOS 14 limitations – Fixel

With the recent news of Facebook’s response to Apple’s changes in tracking, advertisers globally have started to worry about what the future holds for their campaigns. While this change impacts only iOS users, these account for 61% of mobile users in the US (28% globally), so it’s definitely a change that will impact many advertisers. […]

How to track bot traffic in your Google Ads campaigns for free – Fixel

A recent Twitter discussion with PPC expert Kirk Williams got me thinking about different ways advertisers can battle fraudulent clicks in Google Ads. While there are several great companies out there that offer these services (Cheq and Clickcease to name two), not every advertiser can justify the use of such tools in their stack. Then […]

Advanced Techniques to Capture Engaged Users with Facebook Ads | Fixel

In this post we discuss Advanced Techniques to Capture Engaged Users using Facebook Ads. These tactics were extracted from an expert session given by Etgar Shpivak, CEO of Fixel at a professional webinar co-hosted by Fixel and Zalster. You can view the full recording of the webinar here. I like to start with this quote […]