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Use Cases/Ecommerce

with AI-powered audience Segmentation


By focusing on the audiences that matter most

Scale Beyond abandoned carts

By consistently targeting visitors who were highly engaged with product pages

Classic eCommerce campaigns only target visitors who added a product to cart. Scaling beyond abandoned cart to product views with acceptable ROAS is often very difficult.

With Fixel, targeting highly engaged visitors who viewed a product page is simple and effective at scale.


Increase in Revenue

create powerful intent based lookalike audiences

By using highly engaged audiences as lookalike seeds

Most eCommerce lookalikes audiences are based on past purchases and audiences who have added a product to cart. This lack of granularity leads to lookalike seed inconsistency which lowers lookalike efficiency.

With Fixel, it’s possible to create granular lookalikes based on user engagement with content and product pages, which drastically improves lookalike audience performance.


Increase in ROAS


By creating granular intent based lookalikes

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Seamlessly integrates with existing workflows

Reach previously unreachable audiences

GDPR & ITP Compliant

“ Fixel automates my work, allowing me to focus on what’s important ”

Igor Zvagelsky

ROI Escalator, CEO