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Case Studies/Blush And Bar

Case Study

Blush and Bar reduced CPA by 31%

Blush and Bar is an online retailer that markets affordable and fashionable jewelry. Their approach to digital marketing is robust and accurate, employing A/B testing and ad operation on the highest level. One approach Blush and Bar employed was using Facebook Ads to create 1% lookalike audiences based on completed purchases in an acquisition tactic that measures on LTV beyond the immediate purchase. These ads successfully achieved an average CPA of $64 while maintaining an average ROAS of 1.6±.


Facebook Remarketing

Enter Fixel
Staying with Facebook as an advertising platform, Blush and Bar used Fixel to create 1% lookalike audiences based on product viewed and engagement level.

Creating lookalike audiences based on Fixel-High Audiences matched with product view.

The Fixel based audience delivered a 31% reduction of CPA at 49$ as well as a 2.03 ROAS.



Reduction in CPA

“Fixel lookalikes performed and scaled beyond my expectations”

John Chen

Blush and Bar, Founder