Case Study

ono increased their incoming phone calls and site leads by 50%

Ono Academic College (Ono) is the largest private college in Israel.  Operating in a highly competitive market, Ono relies heavily on Facebook Ads to drive traffic to its website.  Optimizing this media spend is crucial to being successful within this market.


Awaiting Facebook’s AEM & Apple’s launch of iOS 14.5, Ono consolidated all site leads & calls into a single “Lead” event in Facebook.

After these changes rolled out, Ono’s team saw a decline in the leads that came from campaigns.


To address the decline in leads, Ono switched to using Fixel as their campaign conversion event, resulting in site traffic with a high probability of continued engagement.



Increase in Incoming Calls and Leads

"Before, it was hard for us to optimize our media in the new rules of the post-iOS 14.5 media buying. Using Fixel we could get more potential prospects to the college"

Yishai Katz Schonfeld

CMO, Ono Academic College