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Case Studies/Endurance

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Case Study

Endurance reduced their CPA by 20%

Endurance International Group’s brands (, HostGator and Bluehost to name just some) empower millions of SMBs worldwide with products and technology to vitalize their online web presence.

Experiment #1

Facebook Remarketing

User engagement scores were implemented to automatically build audience segments over a 30-day period.

This empowered Endurace to identify and remove unengaged users and optimize retargeting campaigns towards the higher intent users which ultimately drove down CPA.

Experiment #2

Facebook Lookalikes

After building the audience segment for Remarketing, these were also used to create enhanced Lookalikes with similar intent to scale reach beyond their core audience.

These audiences reached new users that weren’t previously available, driving scale while improving the baseline CPA.



Avg. CPA Decrease

“Fixel is by far the best plug-and-play method of building high-quality audiences that I’ve come across. By removing all of the guesswork from audience creation, it has given us better control of our remarketing campaigns and improved performance all round”

Rafael Gomez

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Endurance Brands