Case Study

Nolah Mattresses improved their ROAS 10X

Nolah is a sleep technology company on a mission to improve your sleep and mattress shopping experience. Nolah Sleep has a background in sleep material science and has developed a new type of temperature neutral pressure relief foam that makes conventional memory foam obsolete.

With +12 years of industry experience, Nolah Sleep uses only the latest technology to develop the most comfortable mattresses for side and back sleepers.

The Challenge

The online marketplace for foam mattresses is a hyper-competitive vertical. Smart marketing teams continuously optimize their ad spend in order to fill the top of the funnel with qualified leads that have the potential to convert into paying customers.

Mattress producers are constantly challenged to successfully target the right customers to their website while also keeping a sharp eye on high fees for paid advertisements and digital spend.


Faster Optimization

FIXEL’s AI based audience segmentation platform automatically separates Nolah’s “waste” traffic from highly engaged traffic before the visitor enters into a conversion funnel. This insight enables Nolah’s marketing team to optimize their media investment 5X faster than today’s best practices techniques.

Applying FIXEL insights

Nolah leverages Fixel insights to make real time strategic decisions about their ad spend and online strategy. Visitors identified as FIXEL Medium and FIXEL High show higher likelihood to convert and are targeted in Nolah’s Lookalike and Retargeting campaigns.

This automated process makes it easy to find the right users that have the highest probability to convert down the funnel



ROAS in Retargeting

"We use Fixel primarily for our retargeting and user segmentation. Our Fixel retargeting audiences perform at +10x ROAS."

Daniel Galle

Co-founder of Nolah Mattresses

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