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Case Studies/Wolvestuff

Case Study

Wolvestuff achieved a 12X increase in ROASto mid-funnel visitors

Wolvestuff , an online retailer in the North American market wanted to scale audiences while keeping a positive and sustainable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) . They needed to be able to target audiences broader than users with abandoned carts, but still with a clear purchase intent.

Wolvestuff successfully ran Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) in limited scale to abandoned cart users. Unsurprisingly, expanding to audiences of users who viewed products but didn’t Add-To-Cart (ATC), was unsuccessful both in standard ‘flat’ remarking and DPA.

The next logical step was crossing product views with user behavior through engagement signals, such as time spent on site, view-depth, return rate and others.

These did not prove effective, and failed to achieve a positive ROAS for extended periods of time.

In simpler terms – it was hard to pin-point the right combination of signals that clearly indicated the users’ likelihood to convert, when an Add To Cart action has not been performed.

How Fixel Helped?
Wolvestuff implemented FIXEL and started to collect user engagement data across their site. Users were scored based on their engagement: High , Medium or Basic .

Three weeks later, tens of thousands of visitors were already tagged as High , indicating they were in the top percentile of engagement. Wolvestuff matched these users with the products they viewed (using the standard View Content event) but had not added a product to their cart.

They were served with DPA, using similar copy to the original DPA campaign.

This was the “ Eureka !” moment. This previously unreachable audience was driving conversions with similar, and sometimes better, results than the cart abandonment DPA.


Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Test variant:
All users who viewed a pag e and were marked by Fixel as highly engaged users

Control group:
Users with Cart Abandonment and All site visitors

Dynamic Product Ads based on product page Views



Increase in ROAS to mid funnel visitors

“Fixel has enabled us to identify and target with surgical accuracy, highly engaged audiences thatwe were unable to effectively reach in the past.”

Or Chen

VP ECommerce, Ortal Digital