Case Study

GaiaStock scaled their sales by 175%

Gaia Stock is an eCommerce website focused on lifestyle products mainly in the US market. Before using Fixel, remarketing campaigns were solely focused on users with cart abandonments. Their goal was to scale beyond this limited audience while keeping a positive ROAS. Using Fixel’s ability to segment their audiences, they focused their effort on a larger group of highly engaged users.

Experiment #1

Facebook Ads Split Test

Test variant:
The high-quality users generated by Fixel

Control group:
Cart abandonment users in the last 30 days

Dynamic product ads

Experiment #2

Audience Overlap

Using Facebook’s audience overlap tool, they found that Fixel increased the quality of their audience by 180%



Increase in Sales

“Using Fixel we crushed our monthly targets without breaking a sweat”

Noam Sinansky

Gaia Stock, Owner

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