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Case Studies/Lawgeex

Case Study

LawGeex increased their conversions by 30%

Lawgeex is an AI powered legal SaaS solution for businesses, used to review and approve incoming contracts. It streamlines work process and automates the time consuming task of reviewing everyday contracts. As a B2B company, Lawgeex decided to use LinkedIn to reach their target audience of legal professionals.

The acquisition campaign was successful in generating quality leads and kept a steady 3% conversion rate. However, their remarketing campaign proved ineffective and disappointing.

Enter Fixel
Staying with LinkedIn as an advertising platform, Lawgeex used Fixel to generate audiences based on website engagement levels and targeted their most engaged audiences.

As a result, the remarketing campaign went from being unviable to actually increasing conversions by 30%, generating 332 conversions over the test period.

Targeting Fixel-High Audiences in LinkedIn remarketing.



Increase in ROAS to mid funnel visitors

“With Fixel, remarketing became a viable, lucrative option for us.”

Aron Skversky

LawGeex, Director of Acquisition