Get Powerful AI-Segmented Audiences
Across Ad Platforms

Get Powerful AI-Segmented Audiences Across Ad Platforms

Engagement Based

Privacy by Design. Data Science Accuracy. Fully Automated.

Expose the true waste in your campaigns

Complimentary Fixel report, tailored to your account.


A webinar series hosted by Elad Levy of Fixel & Gabriel Ehrlich of Remotion.

Some visitors are worth more than others...

Fixel highlights the ones that matter most by ranking your website visitors
based on their level of engagement.


Supercharge your remarketing campaigns by focusing on engaged users with higher purchase intent


Remove waste from your campaigns by identifying & removing underperforming low volume keywords & channels.


Discover new high performance audience segments by using highly engaged users to seed lookalike audiences

In Bryan Kujawski's Words

Bryan Kujawski, legendary marketer and co-founder of award winning digital agency, 360i had this to say about Fixel.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Helping marketers focus on the audience that matters



Increase in ROAS scaled their always-on campaigns beyond cart abandonment audiences

"Fixel automates my work, allowing me to focus on what’s important”

Igor Zvagelsky

ROI Escalator, CEO



Decrease in CPA

Appsflyer were able to focus on high-value visitors for retargeting and lookalike campaigns

“ Using Fixel we cut our lead cost by 50% "

Itay Waisman

Online Marketing Manager



Decrease in CPA

Blush and Bar used Fixel to create 1% lookalike audiences based on product viewed and engagement level

“Fixel lookalikes performed and scaled beyond my expectations”

John Chen

Blush and Bar, Founder

How does Fixel work?

Explaining the technical sides of Fixel

AI Magic

Fixel analyzes dozens of user interaction parameters within your website, in real-time.

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Actionable Audiences

That generate results

Data Science Accuracy

At a fraction of the price

One-Line Install

Hassle-free &
non-developer friendly

Integrate Seamlessly

Fixel works with all major Ad Platforms, CMS and DMP services

And many many others...

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up and get your custom installation script
  2. The Fixel algorithm learns your site’s unique engagement levels
  3. Audiences are created on your favorite ad platforms

Fixel works best with websites whose monthly traffic exceeds 50k sessions a month. 

30 Days. No credit card required

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Half of the traffic you're buying is a waste!

52% of purchased traffic has little and no probability to convert.

Fixel’s Waste Analysis Report accurately identifies the conversion potential of your traffic.

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"Fixel takes the guesswork out of audience creation"​

Aron Skversky
Director of Acquisition at LawGeex​

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