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The future of ecommerce marketing – Fixel

Today, Logiq, a leading global provider of eCommerce, mCommerce, and fintech business enablement solutions, announced the acquisition of Fixel.

The acquisition, which joins together two rapidly-growing successful companies, will enable advertisers to engage with highly targeted audiences across multiple channels.

In this deal, Fixel will continue to operate independently under the same title. Logiq also expects Fixel’s technology to be immediately integrated into Logiq’s end-to-end eCommerce marketing solution for enterprises and major U.S. brands.

Tom Furukawa, CEO of Logiq, commented on the acquisition:

“We see Fixel’s technology greatly complementing and enhancing our LogiqX AI-powered consumer intent engine, which captures and directs consumers from multiple sources who are in the market to purchase a particular product or service, and promotes their engagement and conversion for major enterprises and brands.”

Etgar Shpivak, the CEO and co-founder of Fixel says:

“Our proven technology decreases cost per acquisition, increases return on ad spend, and scales lookalikes audiences. This is just one of the many areas where we see tremendous synergies with Logiq’s eCommerce platforms.”

First-party audience segmentation is quickly becoming the single most important layer to catapult businesses above and beyond the challenges of our era, and automated, AI-powered tools are set to mark the difference between stagnation and growth.