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FIXEL quickly optimizes your digital strategy and reduces ad spend/marketing costs by identifying the site visitors with conversion potential before they click into a conversion funnel.

We’re offering a complimentary Ad Optimization Report which reveals user engagement levels and waste analysis for the site, keywords, campaigns and more.

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About Us

Fixel was developed out of a simple need – running campaigns more efficiently while still beating our KPIs.

As marketers, we understand the value Data Driven marketing and the role the segmentation plays in it. But while all our tools were evolving, our segmentation abilities lagged behind, relying on human analysis.

So we set out to solve this, using cutting edge Big Data technology.

Half of the traffic you're buying is a waste!

52% of purchased traffic has little and no probability to convert.

Fixel’s Waste Analysis Report accurately identifies the conversion potential of your traffic.

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Aron Skversky
Director of Acquisition at LawGeex​

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