Powering smarter ecommerce

In a reality of a global economy and cross border shipping, your ecommerce business faces many challenges.
Segmentation shouldn’t be one of them

Fixel for ecommerce

Not all visitors to your online store are worth the same to you, and their engagement can reveal their true purchase intent.

Using Fixel, you get the Data Scientist accuracy you need to effectively segment your users and drive more sales.

Scale beyond Abandoned Carts

Gain valuable insight into your best users, without waiting for them to take a strict action such as “Add to Cart”.

Reengage them using your preferred solutions – ads, email, push notifications, but smarter.

Scale out confidently

Converting your existing traffic isn’t enough. But driving new traffic is risky.

With Fixel you can create quality lookalike audiences from only your top visitors to drive new visits with a better likelihood to purchase.

Plug & Play

You don’t need another tool to take up your time of day.

Fixel has a super simple installation and requires zero maintenance. So you can focus on what drives revenue, not on managing your stack.


Any CMS, Any Ad Platform

Shopify fan? WooCommerce addict? Magento buff? We’ve got you covered.
Fixel also integrates directly with Facebook Ads and Google AdWords.

Using a different CMS or ad platform?
Contact us, we probably have it integrated already.

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