How to use LinkedIn Audience Segmentation


This is a free standalone tool that isn’t part of the core Fixel solution

We love LinkedIn ads for B2B marketing. It may be the only social media platform where you can always be sure to find highly-engaged professionals who are actually actively thinking about work.

Let’s be honest – on other social media platforms, they’re likely not thinking about work-related software in between liking photos of their friends’ dogs’ birthday parties.

For this reason, we thought that our remarketing AI engine at Fixel would be a great fit for LinkedIn remarketers – it automatically creates highly-engaged audience segments for subsequent remarketing on, well, wherever (Facebook & AdWords come out of the box, but talk to us – we’re bespoke solutions fanatics).

And that’s when we hit a snag – LinkedIn only allows for url-based Matched Audience creation, and nearly all sophisticated remarketing relies on events rather than pageviews.

Let’s take a step back for a minute and describe the difference between pageviews and events when discussing remarketing.

Pageviews are easy – say you want to target all users that visited your pricing page? Boom, set up an audience for

You want to target all users that visited your blog? Kablammo, set up an audience for

But what if you want to set up an audience based on users that spent more than 30 seconds on a given page, and also partially filled out a form (but didn’t complete it), and also visited more than 3 pages, etc. etc. etc.

That’s where you use Events. Anything your diabolical marketing brain can think of, you can create a sophisticated audience for.

So, back to the matter at hand. No events in LinkedIn Matched Audiences makes Jack a dull boy, and makes your remarketing flexibility pretty limited. It also meant that our solution, Fixel, wouldn’t work in LinkedIn, which is completely unacceptable.

Well, if LinkedIn needed pageviews, then we’ll give them pageviews!

It took a few tries, but we’ve succeeded in hacking the pageview recording for the LinkedIn pixel. Now, you can fire scripts in the Google Tag Manager that emulate a pageview to the LinkedIn tag. Booya!

We decided that this solution is too awesome to keep to ourselves, so we’re making it available to the public at large. Just follow the steps below, and you can be on your way to creating LinkedIn Matched Audiences based on users that watched the explainer video on your website and then searched for “llama farms” in your search bar.

This tool can allow advertisers to capture custom events as a seed for their remarketing audiences in LinkedIn.

To use the LinkedIn Audience Segmentation tool please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the LinkedIn Audiences tool
  2. Insert the URL you want to trigger in your LinkedIn Ads account
    This URL will indicate the user interaction you want to track, e.g.
    As a reminder, this page does not have to be an actual URL on your site, but must use the site’s domain
  3. Insert your LinkedIn PID (where do I get this from?)
  4. Click “Let’s go” and copy the code snippet
  5. Triggering this snippet can be easily done using Google Tag Manager (as Custom HTML) or even directly on your site.

Make sure that you create a matching audience in your LinkedIn Ads account (learn how) so that these interactions will build your remarketing audiences.

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