Powering smarter agencies

Your agency has a single asset that your competition doesn’t have – your top talent.

With Fixel you can use their time more efficiently.

Fixel for agencies

Your agency run countless campaigns for numerous clients, each using unique segmentation tactics. Fixel automates your campaign managers segmentation, allowing them focus on activities that drive actual revenue.

Data Scientist Accuracy

Give every campaign manager access to highly targeted audiences, enabling them to reach the right people with the right message – every time.

Seamless Integration

Your campaign managers have their preferred platforms and secret tactics.

Fixel audiences will fit in with just a click of a button on all major ad networks.

Agency Packages

Flexible pricing solutions
to fit your needs:
Bulk packages or pay-by-client at significant discounts.

White Label Solutions

If your agency runs campaigns for clients with over 100M monthly sessions, please contact us to hear about our White Label solutions.

If you've scrolled so far, can we interest you in a Demo?

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